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Global Ireland: Strengthening International Engagement And Diplomacy


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The Global Ireland Strategy, launched in 2018, seeks to enhance Ireland’s international engagement and diplomacy efforts. With the aim of doubling the country’s global engagement by 2025, the strategy has set forth a range of objectives to achieve this goal. These objectives include:

  • Doubling exports
  • Implementing a new tourism strategy
  • Hosting major sporting events
  • Seeking election to the UN Human Rights Council

In order to achieve these objectives, Ireland has taken several initiatives, such as:

  • Strengthening its international presence by being elected to the United Nations Security Council
  • Establishing new missions and offices worldwide

This increased global presence has not only attracted jobs, investments, and tourism but has also contributed to Ireland’s improved diplomatic and advocacy capabilities. Additionally, Ireland’s commitment to climate and social justice has been recognized, further elevating its importance in climate negotiations. The country has also established cultural centers and offices in key global locations.

This article will explore the achievements and initiatives of Global Ireland in strengthening international engagement and diplomacy.

Objectives for 2025

The Global Ireland Strategy has set objectives for 2025, including doubling exports, implementing a new tourism strategy, hosting major sporting events, and seeking election to the UN Human Rights Council.

These objectives aim to further strengthen Ireland’s international engagement and diplomacy efforts. Doubling exports will contribute to the growth of the economy and attract more foreign direct investment.

Implementing a new tourism strategy will increase the number of visitors to Ireland, promoting cultural exchange and boosting the tourism industry.

Hosting major sporting events will enhance Ireland’s global reputation and attract international attention.

Seeking election to the UN Human Rights Council demonstrates Ireland’s commitment to human rights and its desire to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights globally.

These objectives reflect Ireland’s aspiration to expand its global influence and enhance its diplomatic efforts.

Cultural Centers and Offices

Establishing new cultural centers and offices in key global cities such as LA, Miami, Mumbai, and Manchester has been a notable achievement of the Global Ireland Strategy. These cultural centers and offices serve as important hubs for promoting Irish culture, arts, and heritage to a wider international audience. They provide a platform for showcasing Irish talent, hosting cultural events, and facilitating collaborations with local artists and organizations.

By having a physical presence in these influential cities, Ireland is able to strengthen its international engagement and diplomacy. These centers and offices also play a crucial role in fostering bilateral relationships, attracting investment, and promoting tourism. They serve as cultural ambassadors, enhancing Ireland’s reputation and standing on the global stage.

Overall, the establishment of these cultural centers and offices is a significant step towards achieving the objectives of the Global Ireland Strategy.

Achievements and Initiatives

One notable achievement of the Global Ireland Strategy is the successful terms on the UN Security Council and Council of Europe. Ireland’s active participation and contributions in these international organizations have demonstrated its commitment to global diplomacy and engagement.

Serving on the UN Security Council has allowed Ireland to play a crucial role in addressing global security challenges and promoting peace and stability. The Council of Europe membership has provided Ireland with a platform to advocate for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law across Europe.

Additionally, Ireland has marked significant milestones such as the 50th anniversary of EU membership and the launch of the A Career for EU strategy. These initiatives have enhanced Ireland’s standing in the international community and strengthened its role in shaping global agendas.

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