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Gamestop Fires Former Amazon Exec, Shares Slump


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GameStop, a video game retailer that gained notoriety earlier this year as a ‘meme stock,’ has fired its CEO Matthew Furlong, a former Amazon executive, and replaced him with Ryan Cohen, the founder of online pet food retailer Chewy. The move comes as GameStop attempts to shift its focus towards digital sales and move away from the physical disc-based model that has been its primary source of revenue for decades.

Despite this shift, the announcement of Furlong’s firing caused GameStop shares to slump, as investors remain uncertain about the company’s future direction. This shake-up in leadership marks a significant change for GameStop, which has faced challenges in recent years due to the rise of digital sales and the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on in-person retail.

The appointment of Cohen, who has a successful track record in e-commerce, suggests that GameStop is serious about its pivot towards digital sales. However, the market’s reaction to the news of Furlong’s firing highlights the uncertainty that surrounds the company’s future.

This article will examine the reasons behind Furlong’s dismissal, Cohen’s appointment, and the challenges and opportunities GameStop faces as it tries to navigate the rapidly changing video game retail landscape.

CEO Shake-Up

The recent firing of GameStop CEO Matthew Furlong and appointment of Ryan Cohen as executive chairman reflect the company’s efforts to modernize and adapt to the shift towards digital gaming.

Furlong, who was named CEO in June 2021, was brought in to lead the company’s digital transformation. However, GameStop’s struggles were due to the rise of new technology and the increasing popularity of digital downloads, which significantly reduced the demand for physical game discs.

Cohen, who co-founded Chewy, a successful online pet food retailer, hopes to modernize GameStop and make it a competitive force in the digital gaming market. His holding company, RC Ventures, holds a 12% stake in GameStop, and he joined the company’s board in January 2021.

As executive chairman, Cohen will oversee the investment and management of the company, and his vision for GameStop is to create a seamless online shopping experience for gamers.

Ryan Cohen Takes Charge

Ryan Cohen assumes the role of executive chairman, following the dismissal of the previous CEO, to lead the digital transformation of the company. Cohen’s holding company, RC Ventures, holds a 12% stake in GameStop, and he joined the board in January 2021. With his experience co-founding Chewy, a successful online pet retailer, Cohen hopes to modernize GameStop and make it a viable competitor in the digital gaming space.

GameStop’s struggles were due to the new technology of downloading games rather than buying discs, and Cohen’s goal is to get the company more online. As executive chairman, he will oversee the investment and management of the company.

The firing of Matthew Furlong, the previous CEO, came as a surprise, and GameStop gave no reason for his dismissal. However, with Cohen at the helm, there is hope that GameStop can successfully navigate the changing landscape of the gaming industry and emerge as a profitable and innovative player.

The Future of GameStop

Prospects for the video game retailer are uncertain given the rapid shift towards digital downloads and the company’s struggles to adapt to this new landscape.

GameStop’s business model has traditionally relied on the sale of physical copies of games, which has become less popular as more gamers opt for digital downloads.

As a result, the company has experienced declining sales and struggled to maintain profitability.

To address this challenge, GameStop has attempted to pivot towards a more digital-focused business model under the leadership of Ryan Cohen.

The company has invested in new initiatives such as e-commerce and a loyalty program to attract customers.

However, it remains to be seen whether these efforts will be enough to turn the company’s fortunes around in the face of an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing industry.

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