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European Commission Launches Investigations on AliExpress, LinkedIn


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The recent investigations launched by the European Commission into AliExpress and LinkedIn have stirred significant interest and concern within the tech and e-commerce sectors. With allegations ranging from the distribution of illicit materials on AliExpress to potential misuse of personal data on LinkedIn, these probes shed light on the complexities of regulatory compliance in the digital age.

The implications of these investigations extend beyond the companies in question, prompting broader discussions on data privacy, online marketplace regulations, and the evolving role of influencers in e-commerce. Stay tuned to uncover the far-reaching consequences of these inquiries on the digital landscape.

AliExpress Investigation Details

The European Commission has launched an investigation into AliExpress for the dissemination of illegal and pornographic materials under the powers granted by the Digital Services Act (DSA).

The probe focuses on concerns such as fake medicines, non-compliant food, and ineffective dietary supplements being sold on the platform. Of particular interest are hidden links facilitating non-compliant product sales and the roles of influencers in promoting such products.

Violations of the DSA regulations can result in fines of up to 6% of the company’s global annual turnover. AliExpress has stated its commitment to compliance with all applicable rules and regulations, emphasizing cooperation with relevant authorities to ensure adherence to DSA requirements.

LinkedIn Data Use Probe Overview

Investigating Microsoft’s LinkedIn for potential personal data use for targeted advertising raises concerns about compliance with data protection regulations.

The probe was initiated following a complaint from civil society organizations, prompting the European Commission to set a deadline for LinkedIn to respond by April 5th.

The focus of the investigation revolves around ensuring adherence to data protection regulations and evaluating the platform’s targeted advertising practices.

This scrutiny underscores the Commission’s commitment to upholding consumer privacy rights and holding companies accountable for their data usage strategies.

As the probe unfolds, it will be crucial for LinkedIn to provide transparent and comprehensive responses to address any potential non-compliance issues.

Generative AI Concerns and Regulations

Prompting a heightened focus on compliance measures, the European Commission seeks to address concerns surrounding generative artificial intelligence within major tech companies. With a deadline set for responses in April, the Commission is requesting information on generative AI systems to assess risks and mitigation strategies for harmful content.

Popular generative AI models like Microsoft’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini have raised worries about misinformation dissemination. Emphasizing compliance with data protection regulations and targeted advertising practices, companies are urged to ensure the safety and integrity of their platforms.

Ongoing probes into companies like X and TikTok indicate a broader scrutiny of generative AI content, misinformation, and fake news, underscoring the necessity for timely and comprehensive responses to the Commission’s inquiries.

VLOPs Compliance and Regulations Focus

Emphasizing stringent compliance measures, the focus now shifts to the regulatory requirements and adherence of Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs).

VLOPs like AliExpress, catering to over 45 million users in Europe, are subject to the toughest rules under the Digital Services Act (DSA). These companies commit to establishing a safe and compliant marketplace for consumers. AliExpress has stated its commitment to complying with all applicable rules and regulations, highlighting its collaboration with relevant authorities to meet DSA requirements.

As VLOPs play a significant role in the online landscape, ensuring their compliance with regulations is crucial for maintaining consumer trust and safeguarding against potential risks in the digital environment.

Ongoing Probes and Deadlines Update

Continuing the scrutiny of Very Large Online Platforms (VLOPs) like AliExpress, ongoing investigations and impending deadlines underscore the urgency for tech companies to address concerns raised by the European Commission regarding harmful generative AI content, misinformation, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Companies such as Microsoft’s Bing, Google Search, Meta Platforms, TikTok, and X are currently under investigation, facing deadlines to respond to the Commission’s requests.

The focus remains on addressing issues related to harmful generative AI content, misinformation, and fake news, with specific deadlines set by the Commission to ensure timely and comprehensive responses.

The importance of swift and thorough actions from the companies involved in these probes cannot be overstated in meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring a safe online environment for consumers.


In conclusion, the European Commission has initiated investigations into AliExpress and LinkedIn for potential violations of regulations. The focus is on illegal and pornographic materials on AliExpress, including fake medicines and non-compliant food items, and on the potential misuse of personal data for targeted advertising on LinkedIn.

Both companies face strict scrutiny and possible fines for violations. These actions demonstrate the Commission’s commitment to ensuring a safe and compliant online marketplace for consumers.

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