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EU Court Slaps Ireland for Online Safety Lapse


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The recent ruling by the EU Court of Justice imposing a €2.5 million fine on Ireland for its delay in implementing online safety regulations for audiovisual services has sparked a crucial debate on the enforcement of digital safety measures within the European Union.

This penalty signifies a significant setback for Ireland and highlights the pressing need for swift and effective regulatory action to ensure compliance with EU directives. The repercussions of this lapse in online safety protocols extend beyond financial implications, prompting a reevaluation of Ireland’s approach to overseeing video-sharing platforms and streaming services.

EU Court Fines Ireland for Directive Breach

In a significant ruling, the EU Court of Justice has fined Ireland €2.5 million for breaching an EU directive on audiovisual services by failing to timely transpose it into national legislation. The breach specifically pertained to the delays in incorporating online video-sharing platforms within the scope of the AVMSD.

The deadline for transposing the directive was set for 19 September 2020, which Ireland failed to meet. As a consequence, Ireland has been instructed to pay a daily penalty of €10,000 to the European Commission until compliance is achieved.

Despite the imposed fines being lower than the maximum possible, the EU Court of Justice highlighted Ireland’s failure to adhere to the directive, emphasizing the importance of timely and accurate transposition of EU regulations into national laws.

Online Safety Code Development in Ireland

The development of an Online Safety Code for video-sharing platforms in Ireland underscores the country’s commitment to enhancing regulatory measures for combating hate speech and safeguarding minors within the digital realm.

The Irish media regulator, Coimisiún na Meán, is in the final stages of formulating this code, which aims to regulate platforms effectively. Despite delays, Ireland acknowledges the importance of this initiative in light of the recent EU Court of Justice judgment.

The Online Safety Code is anticipated to be completed later this year, signaling Ireland’s dedication to complying with online safety regulations and addressing concerns surrounding hate speech and protection of minors in the online sphere.

Technical Tracking and Tagging Implementation

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In conclusion, the EU Court of Justice’s fine on Ireland for its failure to promptly implement online safety regulations highlights the importance of timely compliance with EU directives.

Ireland must expedite the regulatory process and establish a comprehensive framework for overseeing online video-sharing platforms to enhance online safety measures.

This ruling serves as a reminder of the necessity for all member states to align with EU regulations to ensure a safe online environment for all users.

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