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Delays Cause Controversy At National Children’s Hospital


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The children’s hospital project has been marred by controversy due to the behavior and delays caused by the lead contractor, BAM.

The situation has escalated to the point where external investigators, such as Kroll, have been denied access to the site for a significant period of time, hindering their ability to assess the progress.

Furthermore, tensions have arisen between the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB) and BAM, with the contractor refusing to attend meetings if the board is present.

These strained relationships have prompted the re-entry of a case between NPHDB and BAM into the Commercial Court, following failed settlement discussions.

The project has experienced both cost overruns and delays, with expenditure reaching a substantial €1.325 billion.

Only a fraction of the expected rooms have been completed, casting doubt on the May 2024 completion deadline.

The engagement of external investigators, like Kroll, is crucial in accurately predicting the project’s completion timeline, as BAM’s timeline is believed to be overly optimistic.

Until the court case is resolved and a definitive completion date is established, the total cost of the project remains uncertain.

External Investigators Denied Access

External investigators were denied access to review the children’s hospital site for a period of six weeks, further exacerbating the ongoing controversies surrounding BAM’s behavior and the project’s delays.

This denial of access raised concerns about transparency and accountability in the project. Kroll, an external investigator, was excluded from the site during this time, hindering their ability to assess the progress and identify any potential issues.

The lead contractor, BAM, also refused to attend meetings if the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB) was present, causing further difficulties in communication and collaboration. These actions by BAM created tensions between the board and contractor, which have been escalating over time.

The lack of access for external investigators and BAM’s non-compliance with meetings have contributed to the lack of progress updates and the inability to accurately forecast the completion timeline for the hospital.

Tensions between Board and Contractor

Tensions between the board and the contractor have escalated due to ongoing difficulties and the contractor’s refusal to attend meetings in the presence of the NPHDB.

BAM, the lead contractor, has caused controversy by excluding external investigators from the children’s hospital site for six weeks. This action has hindered the investigation into the project’s progress and has raised concerns about transparency and accountability. Furthermore, BAM’s behavior has added to the already strained relationship between the board and the contractor.

The lack of progress updates from BAM for several months has further exacerbated the situation. The board is particularly concerned about the cost overruns and delays that have plagued the project, with expenditure already reaching a staggering €1.325 billion. The completion deadline for the hospital may be missed, and Kroll’s engagement is crucial in forecasting the completion timeline accurately.

A definitive completion date is eagerly awaited in a report from BAM, but until the court case is resolved, the total cost of the works cannot be calculated.

Cost Overruns and Delays

The ongoing issues surrounding the cost overruns and delays of the project have raised concerns about its financial viability and timely completion.

The project, which involves the construction of a children’s hospital, has faced significant challenges in meeting its completion deadline. With only 27 rooms completed out of an expected 3,000 rooms, it is evident that progress has been severely hindered.

The lead contractor, BAM, has submitted approximately €750 million in cost claims, further exacerbating the financial strain of the project. The lack of progress updates from BAM and the denial of access to external investigators for six weeks have contributed to the growing controversy.

The unresolved court case between the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB) and BAM has also hindered the calculation of the total project cost and the establishment of a definitive completion date.

These ongoing delays and cost overruns have raised doubts about the project’s ability to be completed within the allocated budget and timeframe.

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