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Consumer Complaints Surge, Top Issues Revealed


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The recent surge in consumer complaints has unveiled a myriad of pressing issues faced by consumers in their interactions with various companies.

From contract disputes to service performance concerns, the top issues identified shed light on the challenges individuals encounter in the marketplace.

Notable entities like eir, Ryanair, and Vodafone have come under scrutiny for their practices, prompting a closer look at industry standards and consumer protection.

Understanding these prevalent issues is crucial for consumers to navigate the market effectively and ensure their rights are upheld.

Consumer Complaints Trend in 2023

The consumer complaints trend in 2023 revealed a significant increase in queries to the CCPC, highlighting a growing concern among consumers regarding faulty goods and services. With a 20% rise in queries compared to the previous year, almost 40,000 individuals sought assistance from the CCPC helpline.

The predominant issues raised encompassed faulty goods, contract deposits, payment problems, and contract performance. Companies such as eir, Ryanair, Currys, Vodafone, and Harvey Norman were frequently reported by consumers.

This surge in consumer complaints signifies a pressing need for companies to address product and service quality, adhere to contractual obligations, and prioritize customer satisfaction to uphold consumer rights effectively.

Top Concerns and Issues Identified

Amidst the surge in consumer queries to CCPC in 2023, prevalent concerns revolved around issues with faulty goods and services, contract disputes, payment discrepancies, and contract performance.

Consumers frequently encountered problems related to the quality of products and services they received, leading to a significant number of complaints. Contract deposits, payments, and issues with contract fulfillment also featured prominently among the reported issues.

These issues underscore the importance of consumer protection measures and the need for businesses to uphold their obligations towards customers. Addressing these common concerns is crucial in ensuring a fair and transparent marketplace where consumers can trust the goods and services they purchase.

Companies Under Scrutiny

Following the notable increase in consumer queries related to faulty goods and services in 2023, several companies have come under scrutiny for their handling of consumer complaints and adherence to consumer rights laws. Among the companies facing scrutiny are eir, Ryanair, Currys, Vodafone, and Harvey Norman.

These companies have been repeatedly reported by consumers to the CCPC helpline for various issues such as faulty products, contract disputes, and poor service delivery. The spotlight on these companies highlights the importance of businesses prioritizing consumer satisfaction and compliance with consumer rights regulations.

As consumer awareness grows and advocacy for consumer rights strengthens, companies will need to address these concerns promptly and effectively to maintain their reputation and customer loyalty.

CCPC Helpline Report Insights

Analyzing the consumer queries received by CCPC in 2023 reveals valuable insights into prevalent consumer concerns and the demand for assistance in navigating complex transactions. The CCPC helpline experienced a 20% increase in queries, with nearly 40,000 individuals seeking help.

The primary issues revolved around faulty goods, contract deposits, payments, and contract performance. Notably, companies like eir, Ryanair, Currys, Vodafone, and Harvey Norman were frequently mentioned in complaints. Vehicles, particularly used cars with undisclosed damages, were a significant worry.

Local resolutions were common, with a third of problems resolved within a week. Additionally, 8,731 consumers were directed to the Small Claims Court, reflecting the need for legal intervention in resolving disputes effectively.

Director’s Recommendations for Consumers

The Director of Communications at CCPC stressed the importance of consumer rights and provided practical recommendations for consumers navigating purchasing decisions. Consumers were encouraged to contact sellers for redress under the law and advised to document consumer issues through written complaints.

It was emphasized that awareness of rights in all purchasing decisions is crucial, with CCPC offering assistance and guidance to consumers who may be unsure of their rights. By following these recommendations, consumers can better protect themselves and ensure they receive fair treatment in their transactions.

The Director’s insights serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to assert their consumer rights effectively and confidently.


In conclusion, the surge in consumer complaints in 2023 reflects a pressing need for redress in matters concerning faulty goods and services. The identified top issues, including contract deposits, payments, and performance, shed light on prevalent consumer grievances.

Companies like eir, Ryanair, Currys, Vodafone, and Harvey Norman are under scrutiny for their practices. The CCPC’s efforts to advocate for consumer rights and provide resolutions are crucial in empowering consumers to assert their entitlements.

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