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Call to Irish Builders Abroad: Return Now


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The call for Irish builders abroad to return now echoes the urgent need to address the critical skills shortage in Ireland’s construction industry. With an array of initiatives and support systems in place, the invitation extends beyond mere nostalgia, aiming to tap into the expertise and experience of those who ventured overseas.

However, the challenges faced by expatriate builders are not easily overlooked, prompting a closer examination of the barriers hindering their potential return. As the discussion unfolds, the intricacies of this call and its potential impact on Ireland’s construction landscape come into sharper focus, inviting a deeper exploration of the subject.

Urging Irish Builders to Return Home

Encouraging Irish builders abroad to return home is crucial in meeting Ireland’s construction demands and fostering sustainable growth in the industry. The shortage of skilled workers in the construction sector in Ireland necessitates the return of experienced professionals to support home-building targets.

The economic recovery in Ireland provides promising job opportunities, contributing significantly to initiatives like Housing for All. By dispelling misconceptions about construction careers and offering incentives for a smooth transition, returning builders can address workforce shortages and enhance the construction industry’s capabilities.

Their valuable skills and experiences acquired abroad can boost innovation, improve construction quality, and strengthen local businesses. It is imperative to bridge the gap between the Irish builders abroad and the opportunities awaiting them in their home country for mutual benefit.

Addressing Challenges Faced Abroad

Irish builders abroad face significant challenges that hinder their potential return to Ireland’s construction sector. Economic uncertainties, lack of incentives, and reintegration barriers are key obstacles. The aftermath of the economic crash led many Irish workers to seek opportunities abroad, creating a reluctance to return.

Concerns about job stability, gender stereotypes, and unfamiliarity with current building regulations also pose challenges. Language barriers, certification requirements, and limited support networks further complicate the transition back.

Overcoming these hurdles is crucial to tapping into the valuable skills and experience Irish workers abroad possess. Addressing these challenges effectively will not only benefit individual builders but also contribute to the growth and sustainability of Ireland’s construction industry.

Encouraging Return With Initiatives

To facilitate the repatriation of skilled construction workers, strategic initiatives and incentives have been implemented to address the barriers hindering their return to the Irish construction sector.

One of the key initiatives is the allocation of €750,000 funding for the Careers in Construction program, aimed at attracting Irish builders abroad back home. Efforts also include engaging with construction workers overseas to understand their motivations and concerns, identifying and removing obstacles preventing their return.

A social media campaign has been launched to dispel myths about construction careers, highlighting stability and inclusivity. Additional measures such as tax incentives, fast-track licensing processes, access to training programs, support for business setup, and assistance with relocation and housing are being provided to encourage the skilled workforce to return and contribute to the growth of the construction industry in Ireland.

Minister Simon Harris’s Role

Minister Simon Harris plays a pivotal role in spearheading efforts to engage with and advocate for the repatriation of skilled Irish builders from abroad. He emphasizes the critical need for their expertise in meeting home-building targets and fostering growth in the construction industry. His proactive approach includes meeting with Irish building workers in London, advocating for their return, and allocating funding for initiatives aimed at attracting workers back to Ireland.

Impact of Returning Builders

The influx of skilled builders returning to Ireland is poised to revolutionize the construction industry, propelling advancements in workforce capabilities and project outcomes. With an increase in the availability of skilled workers, home-building projects are expected to accelerate, leading to improved construction quality and standards.

The return of experienced builders is also likely to boost innovation and the adoption of technology within the sector, enhancing overall efficiency. Moreover, the strengthening of local construction businesses is anticipated as a result of the expertise brought back by these returning professionals.

This significant impact underscores the importance of encouraging Irish builders abroad to consider returning home, not only for their individual career growth but also for the advancement of the construction industry in Ireland.


In conclusion, the call for Irish builders abroad to return home is essential for addressing the critical shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry in Ireland. Initiatives and incentives are being implemented to encourage their return, supported by Minister Simon Harris.

The return of these builders would not only enhance construction standards and bolster the workforce but also contribute significantly to the country’s housing goals and economic prosperity.

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