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Bank of Ireland Surges Ahead With Record-Breaking Rates


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While the Irish market has seen recent exits by other players, Bank of Ireland has emerged as a frontrunner, surging ahead with record-breaking rates.

Despite potential concerns about its estimated levy payment to the State and the impact on its financial performance, the bank’s strong capital position and stable business income guidance position it well for the future.

With a significant increase in net interest income guidance, Bank of Ireland demonstrates its ongoing business momentum and commitment to shareholder distributions.

Bank of Ireland’s Net Interest Income Guidance

Bank of Ireland anticipates a significant increase in its net interest income, driven by higher rates and ongoing business momentum. The bank has raised its net interest income guidance for the second time in three months, expecting it to be 5% higher in the second half compared to the first half.

This upward revision is attributed to the favorable impact of higher rates and the continued positive performance of the bank’s business activities. Previously, the bank had guided for only a marginal increase in net interest income. In the previous six months, net interest income had already seen a substantial year-on-year jump of 68%.

This revised guidance reflects the bank’s optimism and the potential for continued growth in this crucial revenue stream.

Bank of Ireland’s Cost and Business Income Guidance

With regards to Bank of Ireland’s cost and business income guidance, the bank has maintained its previous guidance without providing any specific updates or changes. This suggests stability and consistency in these areas, while the bank’s focus seems to be on net interest income growth.

The guidance for costs and business income remaining unchanged indicates that the bank is confident in its current projections and strategies. By keeping a steady course, Bank of Ireland aims to ensure its business income remains broadly in line with the first half of the year.

This approach allows the bank to concentrate on maximizing its net interest income, which has seen significant growth in the previous six months.

Bank of Ireland’s Estimated Levy Payment

Bank of Ireland provisionally estimates a substantial increase in its share of the levy lenders must pay to the State, with the payment expected to rise to €90 million next year. This represents a significant increase from the €25 million paid in 2023.

The increase in the levy payment follows a recent announcement by the Government. As a result, the bank will need to allocate more funds for this payment in its financial planning. It is worth noting that the increase in the levy payment may impact the bank’s overall financial performance.

However, with Bank of Ireland’s strong capital position, it is well-positioned to handle this increase and continue to meet regulatory requirements.

Bank of Ireland’s Capital Position and Shareholder Distributions

Bank of Ireland’s strong capital position has consistently positioned it for potential increases in shareholder distributions. The bank’s fully loaded core tier 1 capital ratio, a key measure of financial strength, rose to 15.2%. This puts Bank of Ireland in a favorable position to allocate funds for shareholder returns.

Analysts at Davy and Goodbody Stockbrokers believe that the bank is well-placed to hike shareholder distributions next year. Shareholders can potentially expect higher dividends or other forms of distributions.

The strong capital position not only reflects the bank’s financial strength but also provides it with the flexibility to reward its shareholders. As a result, Bank of Ireland is able to enhance shareholder value and maintain investor confidence in its performance.

Bank of Ireland and Its Rivals in the Irish Market

The Irish market’s competitive landscape has been influenced by the presence of Bank of Ireland and its rivals. One of Bank of Ireland’s main competitors, AIB, has also raised its guidance twice this year, indicating a similar trend in performance. Both banks have benefited from higher rates, which have contributed to their record-breaking rates and increased net interest income. Additionally, the recent exits of KBC and NatWest from the Irish market have further favored Bank of Ireland and AIB, allowing them to capture a larger market share. To provide a visual representation of their dominance in the market, consider the following table:

Bank Net Interest Income Growth
Bank of Ireland Record-breaking rates
AIB Increased guidance

This table highlights the strong performance of Bank of Ireland and its rivals, emphasizing their impact on the competitive landscape of the Irish market.


In conclusion, Bank of Ireland’s strong performance and ongoing business momentum have led to a significant increase in its net interest income guidance. Despite the potential impact of a rising levy payment to the State next year, the bank’s stable cost and business income guidance, along with its strong capital position, position it well for potential increases in shareholder distributions.

The favorable market dynamics and reduced competition in the Irish market have further contributed to Bank of Ireland’s record-breaking rates. As the saying goes, ‘Fortune favors the bold.’

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