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Aldi’s Multi-Million Euro Supply Deals Expand Reach


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Aldi, the supermarket giant without a presence in Northern Ireland, has unveiled significant multi-million euro supply agreements with two prominent producers: Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt and Lakeland Dairies, a cross-border co-operative. These deals, amounting to €26 million (£22.5 million), were announced at the Irish Ploughing Championships 2023 in Co Laois.

Clandeboye Estate Yoghurt: A Thriving Partnership

Aldi’s extended two-year contract with Clandeboye Estate Yoghurts, valued at €9.9 million (£8.6 million), solidifies their fruitful collaboration. Under this agreement, the Co Down food company will continue to supply Aldi’s Irish operation with granola and Greek-style craft yoghurts. Notably, this partnership will also mark Clandeboye’s debut in supplying Aldi’s British operation. Anticipated benefits include a remarkable 450% surge in sales volumes for the Bangor-based company and an expansion of its existing 20-strong workforce.

Lakeland Dairies: A Pioneering Dairy Deal

The largest contract announced, worth €15.3 million (£13.3 million), cements the partnership between Aldi and Lakeland Dairies, the island’s largest dairy co-operative. Lakeland Dairies will continue to supply Aldi stores across the Republic with milk and dairy products, including the sought-after Clonbawn fresh and light milk.

New Contracts with Velo Coffee Roasters and Donnelly Fresh Produce

In addition to these significant agreements, Aldi has inked fresh contracts with two other suppliers. Cork-based Velo Coffee Roasters, with a presence in Northern Ireland, and north Co Dublin’s Donnelly Fresh Produce join Aldi’s roster of valued partners.

Colin Breslin, Managing Director of Buying and Services at Aldi Ireland, expressed the company’s commitment to supporting Irish producers and fostering enduring partnerships. He emphasized Aldi’s dedication to offering customers the finest Irish products while helping suppliers access new markets and expand their businesses. The substantial investment of over €26 million underscores Aldi’s unwavering support for its supplier partners, particularly during challenging times, and its determination to drive job creation and market opportunities across the country.

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