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Tesla’s Investor Day Disappoints, Stock Drops 7%


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Tesla’s Investor Day event, which was highly anticipated by investors and industry analysts, failed to meet expectations, leading to a significant drop in the company’s stock.

The event was hosted by CEO Elon Musk and other executives, who shared plans to reduce production costs, invest in a Mexican facility, and use less silicon carbide in vehicles.

However, the lack of details and a clear timeline for Musk’s ‘Master Plan 3’ left investors disappointed and uncertain about the company’s future direction.

Despite Tesla’s efforts to showcase its plans to cut costs and expand its operations, the event failed to inspire confidence in the company’s shareholders.

The lack of new product announcements and a clear timeline for the ‘Master Plan 3’ left investors concerned about Tesla’s ability to maintain its current market position and continue its growth trajectory.

Furthermore, the announcement of the company’s plan to use 75% less silicon carbide in vehicles weighed on STMicroelectronics and Wolfspeed, adding another layer of uncertainty for investors.

As a result, Tesla’s stock declined by 7%, adding to the already significant drop of two-thirds in 2022.

Musk’s Master Plan 3

The lack of details provided in Musk’s Master Plan 3 during Tesla’s investor day event resulted in a 2/3 drop in Tesla stock in 2022, indicating disappointment among investors. Musk’s previous ‘Master Plans’ had been well received and had helped to drive Tesla’s success in the electric vehicle market. However, the lack of specificity in Master Plan 3 left investors uncertain about the company’s future direction.

The Master Plan 3 presentation focused heavily on Tesla’s production and management practices, with little information on new products or technological advancements. Musk shared plans to reduce production costs by 50%, invest in a new Mexican facility, and implement new management strategies. While these are important factors for any company’s success, investors were looking for more concrete plans for new products or innovations to maintain Tesla’s competitive edge in the electric vehicle market.

Production Cost Reductions

Despite the lack of details in the recent event, the plan to cut production costs in half was shared by Musk and executives, which was juxtaposed with the decline in Tesla’s stock.

The company’s leadership team discussed their efforts to optimize manufacturing processes and reduce costs across the supply chain, as well as their investments in a new Mexican facility and automation technologies.

These initiatives are expected to help Tesla achieve greater economies of scale and improve its profitability over the long-term.

While Tesla’s investors may have been disappointed by the lack of new product announcements or a clear timeline for the company’s future plans, the focus on production cost reductions is a positive development for the company.

By cutting costs, Tesla can make its electric vehicles more affordable for consumers and potentially increase its market share.

Additionally, increased efficiency in production could help the company to scale its operations and increase profitability, which could be beneficial for investors in the long-term.

Investment in Mexican Facility

One notable development discussed during the recent Tesla investor day event was the company’s investment in a new facility in Mexico.

This new facility is expected to contribute to production cost reductions and improve overall efficiency in Tesla’s supply chain.

The new facility is expected to be located in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, and will produce electric motors and other components for Tesla’s vehicles.

The investment in the new facility is part of Tesla’s overall strategy to reduce production costs by half, as discussed during the event.

The company plans to achieve this by increasing vertical integration, reducing the amount of materials used in production, and improving supply chain efficiency.

The new facility in Mexico is expected to play a key role in achieving these goals, as it will help to reduce production costs and improve overall efficiency in Tesla’s supply chain.

Silicon Carbide Reduction Plan

By reducing the amount of silicon carbide used in their vehicles, Tesla’s plan has negatively impacted the stock prices of STMicroelectronics and Wolfspeed. This plan was announced during the investor day event, where Tesla shared its plans to reduce production costs by half. The reduction in silicon carbide usage is expected to lead to a 75% decrease in the use of the material in Tesla’s vehicles.

While this decision aligns with Tesla’s goal of reducing costs, it has resulted in a drop in stock prices for STMicroelectronics and Wolfspeed, who are major suppliers of silicon carbide for Tesla.

The ripple effects of Tesla’s decisions on other companies in the industry highlight the interconnectedness of the automotive industry. Tesla’s investor day event may have been disappointing for some investors, but it underscores the importance of paying attention to the company’s decisions and their impact on the wider market.

As Tesla continues to innovate and disrupt the industry, it will be critical for investors to stay informed on the implications of their decisions, both positive and negative, for other companies in the supply chain.

Lack of New Product Announcements

The investor day event hosted by Tesla failed to introduce new product announcements, leaving investors unsatisfied with the lack of clear timelines or insights into the company’s future plans.

The event, which was highly anticipated by investors, showcased Tesla’s plans to cut production costs by half and invest in a Mexican facility. However, these plans failed to excite investors who were eagerly waiting for new product announcements.

The lack of new product announcements was particularly disappointing for investors who were hoping for insights into Tesla’s plans to expand its product line. This disappointment was reflected in the 7% decline in Tesla’s stock price after the event.

Overall, Tesla’s investor day event provided little clarity on the company’s future plans, leaving investors uncertain about the company’s growth potential in the coming years.

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