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First-Ever Neurodiversity in Education Conference Invites Educators to Foster Inclusive Practices in Kilkenny


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On Saturday, 7th October 2023, Kilkenny will welcome educators, parents, and caregivers to Ireland’s inaugural Neurodiversity in Education Conference, a professional event curated to enhance the inclusivity and support for neurodivergent students of all ages. Under the theme “Inclusive Practice,” the conference aims to be a nexus of knowledge and resource sharing among Ireland’s educator community.

Empowering Educators with Insights and Actionable Strategies

Conceived and guided by Jeanette Delahunty, a prominent figure in inclusive education, this conference promises to be an enriching platform offering fresh perspectives, knowledge, and tools for educators. “In this ever-evolving educational landscape, we are uniting experts and educators to foster an environment that understands and nurtures the neurodivergent students,” says Jeanette Delahunty, the brain behind TSK Academy Ltd and Tutors Made for You.

Event Highlights:

Actionable Insights for Educators: Tailored workshops offering strategies and knowledge that educators can integrate into their teaching practices to foster inclusivity.

Expert Talks: Engaging discussions with nine notable speakers, including neuroscientists and mental health experts, who will provide a comprehensive overview of neurodiversity.

Networking Opportunities: Collaborate and connect with a community of like-minded educators and experts in the field of neurodiversity.

CPD Accreditation: Earn valuable Continuous Professional Development (CPD) credit hours for attending the conference.

Venue and Ticket Information:

The conference will be hosted at the prestigious Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel, an ideal location in the heart of Kilkenny.

Tickets are priced at €75, offering an accessible gateway to a day of profound learning and networking opportunities. Recognizing the collaborative spirit of learning and sharing, we are pleased to offer significant discounts for carers and group bookings, encouraging collective participation.

To explore more details on the schedule and to secure your tickets, please visit conference.tskacademy.com.

About the Organizer:

Jeanette Delahunty, the visionary behind TSK Academy Ltd and its sibling venture Tutors Made for You, is a beacon in the realm of inclusive education. With a rich academic background and a steadfast commitment to fostering inclusivity and equity in education, Jeanette is steering a transformative movement that aims to build nurturing and understanding educational environments. Through her two ventures, she has successfully created platforms where neurodivergent individuals can thrive, further solidifying her status as a pioneer in advocating for positive change and inclusivity in education.

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