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Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day Madness: Extreme Crowds And Full Hotels


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Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is expecting an unprecedented number of tourists to celebrate the annual St. Patrick’s Day festival. The high demand for accommodation has led to concerns about room availability and cost, with all hotels and guesthouses fully booked for the weekend.

The Irish Tourism Industry Confederation has expressed worries that visitors may have to stay further from the city centre, which could negatively impact Ireland’s international reputation as a tourist destination. The St. Patrick’s Day festival is a significant cultural and religious event celebrated by the Irish people and those of Irish descent worldwide.

The festival, which falls on March 17th every year, is synonymous with parades, music, dance, and the colour green. It has become a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world. However, this year’s festival has raised concerns about the availability and cost of accommodation, with some hotels charging exorbitant prices for remaining rooms.

This article will examine the concerns surrounding Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day madness, including room availability, the impact on Ireland’s reputation, and cost and value considerations.

Room Availability Concerns

Concerns have been raised about the low availability of rooms in Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, potentially causing inconvenience for visitors. With a record-breaking number of tourists expected to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, all hotels and guest houses in the city are fully booked with 22,000 rooms already reserved.

Visitors who have yet to book their accommodations may have to consider staying in suburbs or nearby towns due to the low availability of rooms in the city center. Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the high cost of any remaining rooms in the city center for the weekend.

One city center hotel is charging €1,900 for three nights, which is significantly higher than the usual rate. The high prices may discourage some visitors from coming to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day, and Eoghan O’Mara Walsh, from the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation, expressed his worry that this could damage Ireland’s international reputation.

Visitors are encouraged to contact hotels directly where better value may be available compared to booking engines, and to keep in mind that Dublin still offers value for money.

Record-Breaking Tourist Numbers

The anticipated influx of visitors for the annual celebration is expected to break previous records, with an unprecedented number of tourists flooding the city for the event. According to the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation, the number of visitors expected to attend St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin this year is expected to surpass the 500,000 mark, which is a significant increase from the previous year’s figures.

To add depth to this topic, a table can be used to provide statistical data on the number of tourists visiting Dublin for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations over the years. The table can be structured with five rows and two columns, with the year in the first column and the number of visitors in the second column. This will provide a clear picture of the growth in tourist numbers over the years and highlight the unprecedented increase in numbers expected this year.

YearNumber of Visitors

As seen from the table, the number of visitors has been steadily increasing over the years, with this year’s figures expected to be the highest yet. This highlights the popularity of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin and the need for visitors to plan their trip well in advance to secure accommodation in the city.

Booking Tips

One important aspect to consider for those planning to attend the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Dublin is the timing of their booking, as accommodations tend to fill up quickly. It is recommended that visitors book their accommodations weeks, if not months, in advance to ensure availability and avoid high last-minute rates.

To save money and find better value accommodations, the Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) suggests that visitors contact hotels directly rather than relying on booking engines. These direct bookings often offer lower rates than any last-minute, last-availability rates.

It is also worth noting that Dublin still offers value for money despite the high demand during St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Cost and Value Considerations

Undoubtedly, the high cost of available accommodations for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Dublin is a significant consideration for many visitors. With record-breaking numbers of tourists expected to flood the city, the low availability of rooms has driven up prices to unprecedented levels. As a result, visitors may have to consider staying further away from the city centre to find more affordable options.

To help visitors make an informed decision about the cost and value of their accommodations, the following table compares the average prices of hotels in Dublin during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend to the average prices of hotels during other times of the year. Visitors can use this information to determine whether the high cost of accommodations during the weekend is worth the added experience of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

Accommodation TypeSt. Patrick’s Day WeekendOther Times of the YearDifference
5-Star Hotel€1,500 – €1,900 per night€400 – €800 per night+275% to +375%
4-Star Hotel€800 – €1,200 per night€200 – €400 per night+200% to +300%
3-Star Hotel€500 – €800 per night€100 – €200 per night+250% to +400%

It’s important to note that while the prices during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend are significantly higher, Dublin still offers value for money compared to other European cities. Visitors who plan to stay in hotels during the weekend are encouraged to contact hotels directly, as better value may be available compared to booking engines.

Impact on Ireland’s Reputation

The potential damage to Ireland’s international reputation due to the high cost and low availability of accommodations during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend raises concerns for the Irish tourism industry.

Eoghan O’Mara Walsh, from the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation, expressed his worry that this could have a negative impact on Ireland’s image as a welcoming and affordable destination for tourists.

The high prices charged by hotels in Dublin during this period may also discourage budget-conscious travelers from visiting Ireland altogether.

To address these concerns, it is important for the Irish tourism industry to find ways to balance the high demand for accommodations during St. Patrick’s Day weekend with reasonable prices for visitors.

This could involve working with hotels to offer more affordable rates, encouraging visitors to explore alternative accommodations, or promoting other destinations in Ireland that may be less crowded and more affordable.

Ultimately, the success of the Irish tourism industry relies on offering a positive experience to visitors, and it is essential to address any factors that may hinder this goal.

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